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Psalm 23
Psalm 23 was the first meditation I wrote. It was the summer of 2015, and I was hosting a women’s bible study in my home. We were studying When the Spirit Moves by Jim Cymbala. One of the lessons involved sitting quietly and reading Psalm 23 and letting God’s Spirit speak to you. As I was meditating on this Psalm I got a picture of being in a meadow with Jesus, my shepherd in his robe and carrying his staff to watch over me. He asked me to rest by the brook and he watched over me. In that one, my worries actually floated away in the brook. I felt complete peace and rejuvenation from resting next to the Father. I decided to write about that experience and then shared it with a few of my clients who really enjoyed it. I changed it some and made it about rest, and being renewed in body and soul from being near the Father’s presence. From there, I knew I was supposed to write more meditations and that I was supposed to produce these for people all over the world who were suffering from anxiety, depression, stress and exhaustion.

Philippians 4:6-7
Philippians 4:6-7 was written in the summer of 2015 after a discussion with the women in my home bible study about this verse. One of the women suggested this would be a great topic for a meditation, and so it was that I awoke in the middle of the night by the Lord to write this. When I did my initial version with a client, she envisioned Jesus putting his hands around her hands when he gave her the hot drink and so I added that picture to the meditation. I had the privilege of working with my friend Jennifer to edit this in her beautiful home in the woods as we drank hot tea. I’ve done this meditation for prayer groups and it’s been amazing to hear the different experiences people have had; including envisioning Jesus washing their feet as well as putting his hands on tumors and healing them. This is one of my favorites and I think it will be for you as well.

Isaiah 55:8-9
Isaiah 55 was written in the fall of 2015 after a long night of wrestling with God. I had ended a recent dating relationship that I thought was going to turn into something long-term. This gentleman had everything I wanted outwardly, but the emotional connection just did not grow as I had hoped. I have been single for a long time and I was disappointed and frustrated with God. That morning I read Isaiah 55:8-9, “My ways are not your ways, my thoughts are not your thoughts.” This passage brought me great comfort as God seemed to be telling me to trust his sovereignty and that he has something better in store for me and that it is far greater than I can imagine. Now, when things don’t go as I have planned I think of this verse and immediately release my plans to God. I am learning to listen more to his voice instead of trying to direct him into my own plans for my life, and instead allow him to direct me and give me his plans.

Ephesians 6:10-18
Ephesians 6 was written in the fall of 2015. I wrote this in response to several events. I have worked with so many people who have been in vicious court battles over divorce, custody and legal issues. As a divorced person myself I know the anger and bitterness that can develop in a person’s heart during these battles, and especially with family members. I know that the Lord wants us to be aware that the battle we are in is not against people and to recognize these difficulties with other people stem from the evil work of the enemy. There are many spirits at work including control, confusion, manipulation, etc.… and these are what we need to be battling in the prayer realm, not in the physical realm by getting overly upset with people. I also wanted to include having the Lord equip us with armor in the meditation. I was at a women’s retreat from my church at Lake Bradley Christian Retreat Center in February 2015. Lindsey McPhail was the speaker and she allowed for plenty of alone time to listen to God. Our small cabin group stayed after the retreat ended and sat on a bench overlooking the beautiful lake with the sun glistening on the lake. We practiced listening prayer for each person. Basically, in listening prayer you sit quietly and ask the Lord to give you a word or picture for each person one at a time. My daughter Rebecca, her friend Natalie and my friend Ginny and I sat on the bench together. During the listening prayer for me, Ginny had a vision of me being covered in armor for my counseling business. I was covered from head to toe except for the hatch opening for speaking. I have not forgotten that vision and every time I am in a difficult session I think of myself being covered in God’s armor, protected from the enemy. I was blessed to have Ginny help me edit and offer additions to this meditation. I was struck by the part of this passage that says to “use EVERY piece of God’s armor to resist the enemy in the time of evil, so that after the battle you will be standing firm.” We are not defenseless, God has equipped us for every difficult trial we face.

Hebrews 6:19-20
Hebrews 6 was written in December 2015 as I traveled to Seaside, Oregon for a Christmas vacation with my three adult kids. They were coming from Portland and I was planning to meet them there. I decided to go a day early so that I could do some writing. This trip had so many challenges, or should I call them darts. I got lost, arrived late and went to a hotel that I could not stay at due to the smell. I finally ended up at a darling oceanfront lodge. At this lodge the room was decorated with anchors, ships and sails. Even the bedspread was covered in anchors of all shapes and sizes. Since it was late when I arrived and raining in the morning, I didn’t get to go to the beach, but I enjoyed hot coffee in my room, took pleasure in the ocean from a distance and wrote the meditation Hope: the Anchor for the Soul. This meditation is a “go to” meditation for me when I forget that Jesus is my hope no matter what circumstance I am in. He promised to never leave us and he promised eternity with him. I hope you enjoy the setting in this meditation of walking along the pier and imagining your own boat of life and finding your anchor.

Isaiah 1:18
Isaiah 1:18 was written in the winter of 2015 after a trip up to Fish Lake in the woods, outside of Medford with my college aged daughters. It was an exceptional day and the lake was so white and beautiful. The trees were all covered in snow and we walked around the lake laughing, having fun and doing photoshoots with each other. I was in awe of the clean, freshly fallen snow and it made me think of Jesus washing our sins away as white as the snow. I looked up the verse in the bible the next week and wrote about Jesus coming in his white robe to cover us in an elegant white robe (like those plush hotel robes). He brings us this robe so that we can be as clean as the freshly fallen snow. So many people struggle with allowing themselves to receive God’s forgiveness. I wanted to write out the steps so a person could do the meditation and receive God’s forgiveness, as well as let go of the sin they are holding on to. This is something I’ve struggled with as well; replaying a sin over and over in my mind, and continuing to punish myself repeatedly over mistakes I’ve made in the past. Yet, God does not replay our sins over and over in his mind. He forgave us all over 2,000 years ago and literally all we have to do is receive his white robe and allow him to cleanse us from our sins. The cool thing is that we get to do this forever. We never have to live under condemnation as a believer in Christ because of his willingness to suffer and pay the price on the cross for us.

Psalm 139
Psalm 139 was written in the fall of 2015. It was written in response to the many people I work with who were never loved as little children by their parents. It grieves my heart the number of people who were told as little children by their mothers or fathers that they wish they had never been born. I’ve had stories told to me that are horrific, including someone being told by their mother that she was so upset over the pregnancy she tried to give herself an abortion. And then it was followed up by withholding love from this child throughout her life. I wanted people to know that they are deeply loved, created and designed by God. I was also blessed to deliver this to a group of women at the Resource Pregnancy Center who had decided to keep their babies. I wanted to encourage them that their babies were deeply loved and wanted by God. When I wrote this one I was so overcome with emotion as I envisioned God weaving me together I began to weep. I cannot truly fathom the depth of love my heavenly father has for me and for all of you and how much he wanted each one of us.

Galatians 5:1

Galatians 5:1 was written in the summer of 2015. I wrote this meditation just because it’s one of my favorite passages in the bible. I picked the redwoods for the backdrop because I visited them recently and loved the path in the redwoods and imagined that Jesus met me on the way to talk to me and take out the burdens in my sack. My friend and mentor Lynn from my church helped me edit and make additions to broaden the list of burdens people struggle with. I’ve struggled in the past with legalism, people pleasing, and allowing myself to be in dysfunctional relationships with people. I love that Christ does not try to control, manipulate or lie to us. He came to offer freedom and joy. This is a verse I repeat to myself and to my clients on a regular basis. God does not come to oppress us or guilt us or condemn us. He offers freedom through his Spirit to love and serve him. Service does not come out of pressure or condemnation but out of joy and love. If it’s out of our own works, it’s not really from him. I have to catch myself each time I find myself moving in the works from self, instead of moving in the Spirit with God doing the work.

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